“I had the unpleasant task of locating a plumber this past week due to a hot water slab leak.
After looking thru the phone book and making a few calls to the Better Business Bureau, I placed a call to your business. After listening to you for a short time, I decided to let one of your service people come by and assist me.
Klee came out that same morning and I must say he made a very good impression on me. He explained the process that they would take in locating the leak and what it would take to repair it. He fully explained the problems they might have in getting to the source of the leak. He did this in a total professional manner.
It was only a few minutes after he left that I came to the decision I would not ask for another opinion and immediately called Klee and asked him to schedule to repair.
The next day, Klee and Jerald came out to locate and make repairs. When they finished the repair, the area was cleaned very nicely.
They worked well as a team and were very professional about the manner in which they conducted themselves and carried out their work.. Individuals like these two gentlemen are an asset to a business.
I just want to thank you, the lady that answered the phone, Klee and Jerald for a job well done.
If at anytime someone asks for a reference from a previous customer, I will gladly provide a positive reference.”


“On behalf of Trinity Habitat for Humanity, we want to thank you for your recent donation of the plumbing. We owe the continued success of our programs to our wonderful donors and supporters. In the firs half of 2012, we built 14 new homes through our Build A Home program and refurbished 79 existing home within our service area. Your gift makes a difference at a time when we are nearly overwhelmed with requests for homes. We appreciate your ongoing support and confidence in Trinity Habitat for Humanity.”


“Thank you!
The nice crew that came over yesterday, just wanted to say thank you. Y’all did an awesome job! We were in a time of need. Prompt service and professional. I will recommend my family and friends to Sanders Plumbing!”


“Great job! Thanks!”


“Very respectful, knowledgeable, and pleasant!”


“A wonderful, courteous, friendly team!”


Certified Healthcare / Personal Care

“Good job!”


“Wonderful! I will always call Sanders Plumbing from now on!”


Hampton Inn & Suites

“I can’t thank you enough for suggesting the appeal process. You have saved myself and the owner many headaches and a law suit. You are an honest and respectable businessman and I will make sure I let everyone I come into contact with know it.”


“Thank you so much for your considerate and good work!”


“I used Sanders Plumbing after my elderly parents used WW plumbing company to repair their plumbing. WW plumbing company screwed up their plumbing & sewer system so badly we had to sue them. I needed a plumber who I knew I could trust to fix the problems. I checked w/the City of Fort Worth, BBB, and the Texas Board of Plumbing & they all had glowing comments about him. Philip came out & found all the problems AFTER WW plumbing company supposedly fixed the problem. The State fined WW plumbing company; and Philip fixed all their problems. He was one of the most honest & professional companies I have ever dealt with. He even told us the City would provide my parents’ w/a free handicap toilet & installation, something none of the other plumbers even bothered to tell us. They were going to charge us not only for the toilet but the installation. He also told us the City would provide free water lines, etc. that we would have had to pay for. He was ALWAYS on time, honest and communicated exactly what he was doing & why. His staff was enormously knowledgeable, kind & helpful. Philip & his staff went WAY above and beyond what was expected. I can’t go into detail about what all he fixed because there were so many problems it would take me a whole page just to list the problems. Would I use Philip Sanders Plumbing again? Without a doubt, the answer is “yes” and I would (& have) recommended him many times!”


“Klee just came out to our house to look into the plumbing issue that we were having and I wanted to be certain to let you know what an excellent employee he is. I will recommend Sanders Plumbing to everyone I know in DFW and I will be a lifelong customer of yours.”


“I’ve had bad experiences with plumbing service in the past … so let me gladly tell you of my morning experience. I had a bathroom sink lead that my friend tried to fix six times. I finally got frustrated and called Sanders Plumbing, a referral I received from a friend next door. What a pleasant experience for me, starting with Jennifer, who answered the phone, to Klee, who was professional, friendly, and very well educated in the plumbing business. He even cleaned up when the job was done, in such a short time, too. I will keep the magnet on my frig forever and tell everyone I know about the wonderful service Sanders Plumbing provided. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience!!”


“Great job!”



PLEASE thank Philip again for me. Let him know I’m going onto Google now to give Sanders Plumbing a great review. I just don’t know anyone who would do something this kind anymore. Tell him I recommended Sanders to my neighbors, Jim and Gwen Ater, and they will be calling to schedule a service call. I also plan to put your information on our neighborhood website. Any way I can return Philip’s kindness – I want to do.


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